hi  |  my name is lotte  |  i’m a visual artist from germany  with a background in film editing + motion design  |  having a strong sense for aesthetics – i work in 2D + 3D – finding the right technique + look for each project based on how i want it to feel like  |  moving images are my core discipline with a focus on art direction  |  my style is characterised by decorative + modern typography + analogue drawings mixed with digital minimal styles + shades of pastel + 3D pop culture aesthetic |  i also love to draw + paint | i have a thing for music videos + projects with an ethical + ecological approach  |  sustainability + feminism | motion design diploma @ filmakademie bw in 2021 |  Working as a freelance visusal artist since 2017  |  trying to make the world a more wonderful place – one frame at the time  |  believer in mother nature  |  women supporter  |  always looking for fun new collaborations + interesting human beings along my journey︎ living la dolce vita ︎

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